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Peter Beckett - Associate Professor, Laurentian University | Clean Air Sudbury Committee Member

Peter Beckett has a Ph.D in wetland ecology from King’s College, London. For 40 years he has been a restoration/reclamation ecologist and wetland specialist at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biology and in the Vale Living with Lakes Centre. Peter has been a member since 1978 is Chair of VETAC, an Advisory Panel to The City of Greater Sudbury that oversees the local landscape restoration projects and the transformation of the image of the City following impacts of mining and smelting. He has worked on reclamation projects on many mine sites and around smelter locations across northern Ontario together with numerous graduate students. Peter has been a President and Director of the Canadian Land Reclamation Association (CLRA) and holds a Noranda Award for "outstanding achievements in reclamation" and in 2016 was awarded The Watkin Award for Reclamation by the CLRA and Pioneers in Reclamation Award by the American Society of Mining and Reclamation. Peter is an honorary member of the China Land Reclamation Society. He is Co-Chair of the Sudbury International Mining and Environment Conferences. He teaches courses in restoration ecology, biostatistics, wetland ecology as well as leading many field trips for local, national and international visitors to local wetlands, forests and restored/reclaimed sites. Dr Beckett has given numerous invited presentations on and participated in conferences discussing aspects of the Sudbury Protocol world-wide, including Canada, United States, Peru, Chile, Hong Kong, Australia, China, Russia, United Kingdom and other European countries.


Marc Nellis R.P.F.  - Collège Boréal | Clean Air Sudbury Committee Member
1990 B.Sc.A. Forest Resources Management, Université Laval (Québec)

Ontario Professional Forests Association Member (OPFA)
Canadian Institute of Forestry Member
MNRF SP100 Firefighter Training Program Head Instructor
MNRF Managed Forest Plan Approver

Collège Cambrian/ Collège Boréal, Sudbury (Ontario)
Professor teaching in the following programs: Forestry Operations, Forest Protection,Cartography (GIS and GPS), Plant Taxonomy, Forest Inventory, Photo-Interpretation, Mathematics, Statistics, Project Management & Entrepreneurship

Forestry Consultants, Sudbury (Ontario)
Forestry Consultants
Forest Management Planning on Private Lands;


Dan Chaput - Staff Scientist, Science North and Dynamic Earth

Dan has been a part of the Science North team for 18 years. An integral lead with our F. Jean MacLeod Butterfly Gallery, Dan is involved with every stage of our butterfly development, between 450 and 600 free- flying tropical butterflies make Science North their home. Our second floor is also home to our collection of arthropods, which Dan is responsible for. All horticultural efforts within Science North and Dynamic Earth including: maintaining the foliage and environmental factors in the F. Jean MacLeod Butterfly Gallery, outdoor Northern Garden, Northern Forest and Lakeshore Restoration site are led by Dan. Utilizing his passion and stellar science communication skills, Dan also develops and delivers school programs and visitor workshops. In addition to these roles, Dan leads the operations of Science North’s renowned Nature Exchange including hiring and training of staff, visitor interaction and day-to-day operations. Outside of Science North Dan has led installations of our famous Nature Exchange all over North America as well as other projects pertaining to butterfly conservatories, horticulture, botany and entomology.


Christine Legrand - Staff Scientist, Science North and Dynamic Earth

Christine is a Staff Scientist at Dynamic Earth. In this role, she has the opportunity to utilize her science background to inspire visitors to engage with the science in the world around them. She is a current Master of Science candidate in Environmental Geochemistry at Laurentian University and holds an honours Bachelors of Science in geology. She is the chair of the awards ceremony committee for the Sudbury Regional Science Fair, is a committee member of the modern mining and technology Sudbury committee and is a member of Science North's Green Team.


Chris Blackmore - Energy Manager, reThink Green | Green Economy North

Chris Blackmore works with Green Economy North members to create emission baselines, and performs sustainability audits on their facilities. He works alongside the members to produce action plans that help them create their sustainability goals. Chris focuses on providing technical support and solution to our members. He holds a diploma in electrical engineering technology from Nova Scotia Community College, a degree in engineering and applied science from Memorial University of Newfoundland, and a post-graduate diploma in environmental monitoring and impact assessment from Cambrian College.


Miranda Chilelli
Program Coordinator - Clean Air Sudbury

Dan Chaput
Staff Scientist - Science North
705 522 3701 ext 232

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